My daughter started doing private tuition with Emma at the beginning of Year 4. She was struggling with Mathematics and English.

As a teacher, Emma quickly identified where my daughter’s weaknesses were, without losing her confidence. My daughter’s confidence is growing from strength to strength. They have created a professional bond together because each lesson is insightful. Additionally, I find that in English her comprehension has improved greatly where she is able to work independently at school without any further help.

I am very grateful as a parent that I have found Emma; she has all the qualities for an excellent teacher.

— Celeste’s parent (Year 5 pupil)

My daughter Cameron has been having private English and Maths sessions with Emma since October 2019 in Year 6. Cameron has grown in confidence within both subjects and more importantly enjoys her sessions twice weekly. Emma is passionate about what she does and adapts the lessons to the needs of the child.

Cameron has continued her learning throughout the Covid period to maintain structure in her learning. Emma has been so accommodating during this period. I have referred Emma to several other parents who are all very satisfied with her teaching style and professionalism. My daughter will continue to Year 7 with Emma as it works for her. Thank you Emma.

— Cameron’s parent (Year 6 pupil)

Emma Sbuttoni has been our daughter’s one-to-one tutor since Year 3 – remaining with her for around three years. Through a friend – whose child she was tutoring – we found out about Emma and decided to also put our daughter through tutoring with her.

Our daughter says she enjoys being tutored by Emma; that she is a comforting presence and constantly checks to see if our daughter understands what is being taught in each session. Emma is punctual to every weekly lesson. She is not an intimidating presence, but rather an encouraging one – something we found vital for tutoring our daughter and find important for teaching other young children in general.

As a result of Emma’s hard work, we have seen our daughter’s regular schoolwork being done at a great standard. In her recent school report, our daughter had no issues with her Maths and English class work; which is what she was tutored in. Miss Sbuttoni herself provided feedback on our daughter’s report, showing true investment and care in her tutees’ success in the classroom. This communication between tutor and tutee that Emma builds is also something our family has truly been grateful for: regular text messages to update us on the sessions, any concerns or heads-ups about future sessions and timings, and brief talks when we pick up/drop off our daughter at school to keep us informed of her progress.

To conclude, it has been a delight to have Emma Sbuttoni tutor our daughter. We definitely recommend her for all the reasons above: she is a punctual, encouraging, approachable tutor whom we and our daughter have been very thankful to for the past three years.

— Claribelle’s parent (Year 6 pupil)

Emma is a lovely person and she is so kind! I first thought that tuition would be boring, but Emma makes learning really fun and encourages me to want to learn more. Learning has become easier. Since attending her lessons, I have made so much progress in English and Maths. I cannot thank her enough.

— Sarah (Year 6 pupil)

Miss Sbuttoni has been an amazing tutor throughout my sessions. She is friendly, very understandable and focuses on the subject I struggle with so I that understand at school. She has been an inspiring model for me and gives me advice on how to upgrade my learning. I have now boosted from a very low stage to the top of the class with English. I am looking forward to my next sessions with her and am very appreciative of her help with me and other children who struggle at school.

— David (Year 4 pupil)

After being tutored privately in Maths and English by Miss Sbuttoni for more than 2 years, I have benefited greatly. Through the regular tutoring sessions, I have made a lot of improvements and progress in both my understanding and confidence in both subjects. It is evident through my grades and feedback from my teachers. Her explanations are very clear and easy to understand and extra help and attention is given to the areas where I am struggling. I would highly recommend anyone to get tutored by Miss Sbuttoni and I am grateful for the help I have received.

— Ryan (Year 8 pupil)

I am extremely glad to have stumbled upon Emma’s details online. Emma plans her lessons carefully by identifying the children’s needs and setting targets for every lesson. Emma provides regular feedback on our son’s progress after each lesson and even made suggestions on how to continue supporting him the same way at home. It’s only been a few months but the improvement in our son’s confidence in his English writing and Maths is remarkable.

Emma is an excellent tutor, we cannot rate her highly enough.

— Luka’s parent (Year 3 pupil)

I have nothing but praise for the quality of tuition that Emma offers. Her calming influence allows the children to feel at ease and make learning fun. With Emma’s support my daughter gained more confidence and achieved good results for SATs. Even now with the transition to secondary school we are able to tap into Emma’s knowledge.

— Josephine’s parent (Year 6 pupil)

Emma is a very hard-working tutor. If you do not understand something, she will explain it to you gradually depending on your ability. Since Emma has tutored me, she has made a massive improvement to my Maths and English and made me understand the methods for both. Emma has made me confident in Maths. I have jumped one level at school in Maths.

Kindest tutor ever.

— Umarah (Year 6 pupil)

Thank you so much for your amazing work with Adam, he has improved beyond our expectations in his knowledge and confidence.  He has loved working with you. Your Maths game with playing cards was a hit and we got quite competitive with improving our times – Adam was very proud to have seen an improvement in his time also.  Adam will miss his Maths and English tutor sessions with you.  Thank you once again – I would highly recommend you and if it weren’t for us moving we would continue tuition with you for Adam without a doubt.

— Adam’s parent (Year 5 pupil)

Emma has made such a difference to Hannah who did her SATs in July 2016. Emma gave Hannah the tools to tackle all nature of Grammar questions, for example those which involved subordinate clauses or main clauses, and enabled her to answer questions with confidence. Every lesson, Emma had prepared homework or gave Hannah test papers to practise. Hannah has always felt unprepared and not confident in Maths but Emma’s way of teaching made her more confident and she felt she could tackle any paper. She enabled Hannah with techniques to start high school confident and prepared. If you want Emma to cover a particular subject i.e. fractions or angles she will ensure that she incorporates this into the lesson.

Emma filled all the gaps where school could have done more. We are so happy with Emma that my younger daughter has begun tuition with her.

Thanks Emma, you have been a godsend x

— Hannah’s parent (Year 6 pupil)

Emma, you have been such an amazing tutor and you have helped me so much in Maths and English. I don’t know what I would have done without you. You are awesome!

— Hannah (Year 6 pupil)

Since starting one-to-one Maths tuition with Miss Sbuttoni, Adrianna’s maths results have greatly improved which has led to a confidence boost. She went from needing help with her Maths homework to being able to complete it independently.

Adrianna enjoys attending the class every week and finds Miss Sbuttoni’s teaching methods easy to grasp.

— Adrianna’s parent (Year 6 pupil)

Miss Sbuttoni is a very experienced teacher who has taught my daughter very well. My daughter has done extremely well in her SATs and that’s because of all the hard work Miss Sbuttoni puts into her pupils!

— Macy’s parent (Year 6 pupil)

Professional and experienced tutor.

Emma was fantastic with my son throughout Year 6. He has gained confidence in English comprehension since working with Emma. Also now my daughter is going there so you could rest assured that my daughter is receiving the support that she needs to keep her ahead of the class.

— Anas and Aisha’s parent (Year 6 and Year 5 pupils)

Miss Sbuttoni is a really experienced teacher who has taught me so much during our tutoring sessions. During our sessions, she helps us to learn in a fun way that makes it easier for us to remember. She takes in our strengths and weaknesses to help us grow and develop in our learning. Miss Sbuttoni can provide you with practice test papers to help you use your knowledge and develop skills you can apply in further education.

She is a great tutor and will really help you reach your full potential.

— Areanne (Year 6 pupil)

Our son is 11 years old and has been going to Emma for tuition for some time now, initially for Maths and English.

When approaching his SATs Emma focused on English as this was the subject that our son needed a bit more help in. She learnt this by listening to us the parents and also by looking at our son’s school books.

We have decided for our son to continue to see Emma for tuition once he has left primary school as she also teaches KS3 and our son is very comfortable with her.

Emma is also very flexible where she can be which is very helpful.

— Shomari’s parent (Year 6 pupil)

My daughter enjoyed her extra tuition – her teacher’s friendly and caring approach gave her the confidence to explore subjects in depth and the ability to focus on key areas that needed developing. Studying within a relaxed and understanding environment enabled her to grasp key concepts of areas that she had less confidence in and work to the best of her ability! Emma took the time to really get to know her to understand which areas needed more focus and certainly put her in the place she needed to be for her transition to secondary school.

— Caira’s parent (Year 6 pupil)

Having extra tuition with Miss Sbuttoni helped me to pass my SATs in Year 6. It gave me extra support with my learning and helped me to work confidently and to the best of my ability.

— Caira (Year 6 pupil)

Miss Sbuttoni has been an exceptional tutor to me for the past 2 years. Her willingness to share her experiences is a quality my group and I learned from. We really enjoyed lessons with Miss Sbuttoni, as she had a fun approach to teaching. All of the hard work she went through with us payed off, when we all received remarkable results in our SATs which she helped prepare us for. Moreover, all the tutoring helped me get into top sets in my secondary school. I want to thank Miss Sbuttoni for all the time she spent preparing lessons and marking test papers. I would highly recommend Miss Sbuttoni as a tutor for her skills, and delightful experiences with children as well as parents.

— Elissa (Year 6 pupil)

Miss Sbuttoni’s tutoring was really helpful with my SATs. It also allowed me to know what we were going to learn next in our classrooms. With the help of Miss Sbuttoni, lots of the SATs questions became really easy for me and the other children she tutors. Miss Sbuttoni is very kind to all of her students and fair too. She has good experience of being a teacher and teaches us in Maths and English. She gave us a good amount of homework going through all the things we had learnt that day. I learnt quickly as she makes everything understandable.

— Yna (Year 6 pupil)

My daughter worked with Emma for a whole school year and the outcome was outstanding. She was taught in a clear format and was challenged to push herself so that she could become the best she could be.

— Angela’s parent (Year 6 pupil)

Emma has been wonderful with our two children (9 year old son & 7 year old daughter), and has been teaching them Italian in a playful, positive and embracing way.  They have now much more confidence to speak Italian with their relatives, and also have a much better understanding when spoken to in Italian.  I would recommend Emma highly for Italian lessons, even at primary school level.

— Alessandro and Giuliana’s parent (Year 5 & Year 3 pupils)

Thanks to the services provided, our son’s academic performance has improved dramatically, specifically in English and Maths. He feels more confident and more sure of himself when answering questions in class. We would happily recommend this service. Thank you for all you contributed.

— Ryan’s parents (Year 6 pupil)

I would like to thank you for all the support you have given me in our one to one sessions. It has given me so much knowledge and I have learnt the most efficient ways for many methods. You have broadened my understanding of both Maths and English. Your tutoring has given me a deep understanding that will help me throughout my future studies. Thank you again.

— Sephora (Year 6 pupil)

It’s been a pleasure working with Miss Sbuttoni. She made me feel confident with Maths and English, as well as preparing me for the SATs.

— Kimberley (Year 6 pupil)

Emma helped my son who was at level 2A in Maths get level 4 in one year.  One of the best investments I have ever made! My son is now at secondary school and is going from strength to strength.

— Jaden’s parent (Year 6 pupil)